Well isn’t this special? Former Whitewater Special Persecutor Kenneth Starr will make an appearance at the Arkansas Capitol at noon Thursday and if you’re allowed to attend you can snag a $15 copy of his book, “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation.”


I say “if allowed” because the event is being sponsored by the Little Rock lawyers chapter of the conservative Federalist Society. It says seating is limited and an RSVP is requested to “confirm attendance.”

Under Secretary of State John Thurston’s invented rule to block a police protest Monday, I guess it’s too late to schedule a protest at the Capitol of Starr, the pornographic report producer who oversaw a rape scandal as president of Baylor and generally hasn’t ceased his petulant pursuit of Bill and Hillary Clinton.


PS: If you really want his book it’s available for way less than $15, but of course it might not include his signature.

I have some spare “Starr on a Sticks” if someone would like to take one to the Capitol for an autograph of one.


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