Josh Mahony headshot

Josh Mahony of Fayetteville, who made an unsuccessful Democratic challenge of Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Womack in 2018, last week filed organizational papers for a Senate campaign against incumbent Republican Sen. Tom Cotton.

His statement of organization for a Senate campaign committee was filed  late Thursday afternoon with the Federal Election Commission by Amy Gray of Macomb, Mich. Interesting Google fact: She has the same phone number and Macomb home as the Amy Gray who filed organization papers for The Fight PAC, organized by Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti to fight “Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise.” Avenatti likely will be otherwise occupied this year by his own contest of criminal charges.

Mahony has indicated an interest in the race but has made no formal announcement. I’ve sent a note asking for comment, but haven’t heard back except a brief acknowledgment that advisories are coming.


His Twitter account broadly hints at a coming race, including with criticism of Cotton for having a bogus “town hall” in Rogers last week from which Democrats were excluded. He posted the Tweet at top this afternoon in the company of another Democrat, Sen. Joyce Elliott, whose name had gone around as a potential Cotton challenger.


And he followed that up:


And still more gigs of Cotton:



Cotton is sitting on $2.8 million in campaign cash at last report. There’s plenty more where that came from. The NRA will take care of that, along with other malefactors in the corporate world. Not to mention he has a near surgically attached stenographer from the Democrat-Gazette chronicling his every move (when not providing similar PR services for French HIll.)