A Facebook post and a Tweetstorm today announced Josh Mahony’s candidacy to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton.

Mahony, a Fayetteville Democrat, is a solid progressive who ran an energetic but badly beaten campaign against Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Womack last year.


We reported his filing of FEC papers earlier in the week. He hasn’t distributed a formal news release. But he had a conference call this morning that we missed


His announcement, in keeping with the modern world, takes the form of a strong thread on Twitter and Facebook. He says in a series of tweets:

I’m angry that people in Washington keep telling us how great the economy is when so many people here in Arkansas are struggling to make ends meet.

I’m angry that 18,000 people in my state have lost their health insurance and that thousands more are being threatened by people like Tom Cotton who don’t give a damn if people live or die.

And I’m angry that the one man who should care is so busy kissing up to lobbyists at Washington parties that he has completely forgotten who he works for.

So I figure I can stay angry, or I can do something about it. I chose the latter. I am running for the United States Senate.

I’ve been listening to the people of Arkansas. I know they’re hurting even though everyone keeps telling them how great things are. I know they’re worried.

About their healthcare. About their kids’ education. About finding a job that pays the bills and a good Christmas for their family.

It’s downright insulting for a Washington insider like Tom Cotton to tell these folks just how good they have it. I’ve had enough of it, and I believe the good people of Arkansas have too.

I’m going to beat Tom Cotton, and I’m going to look out for the people of this state; not sell them out the second I get inside the beltway

I’m never going to put Mitch McConnell over Maumelle like Tom Cotton has.

Arkansas has been good to me and good to my family. I feel like I owe this state. And I just cannot sit by and watch these people hurt while out-of-touch Tom is eating his daily birthday cakes and ignoring the people who pay his salary.

I know this is going to be a hard fight, but I’m not afraid of Tom or his godfather, Mitch McConnell.

I know how ruthless they are, and I know we’ve all seen just how desperate and dirty Republicans can be these days when they’re trying to protect their power.

Please join me in this campaign and ask your friends, family, and neighbors to join us:
Mahony, by the way, provided more information about his campaign treasurer, Amy Gray of Macomb, Mich. She’s a Democratic Party regular who’s worked with a bank and Internet fund-raising operations for Democratic candidates. I noted earlier that she was listed as treasurer on a political PAC started by lawyer Michael Avenatti. Mahony said she worked briefly for the PAC but is no longer associated with it.