AS MAINE GOES: Will Fayetteville follow?

The Fayetteville City Council today will consider an ordinance targeting foam plastic containers because they pollute and take up space in landfills. Question: How did Sen. Bart Hester and the legislature miss preventing THIS bit of local autonomy?


40/29 reports on the pending city ordinance.

The city’s Environmental Action Committee said lightweight Styrofoam containers take up room in landfills and pollute our land and water.

That’s why the committee is hoping to take the first steps to reducing the city’s consumption of Styrofoam products.

During the meeting, city council members will consider an ordinance that would ban the purchase of Styrofoam products by the city.

It would also ban the use of Styrofoam by any vendors operating on city property.

If approved, the ordinance would take effect November 1.

Where’s Bart Hester? He’s the genius behind the state law banning local ordinances that impose design standards on houses. He was one of the driving forces behind the state law to prevent local ordinances to discourage discrimination against LGBT people. Had he been around, he’d have certainly backed the law that usurped local control on gun issues.


Surely there’s a plastics lobbyist who can get Hester’s ear on this one.

PS: 40/29 notes that Little Rock in 2018 banned purchases of such material with city money. Maine was the first state to impose a plastic ban.


PPS: I’m avoiding the use of “Styrofoam” because, strictly speaking, that is the brand name for a plastic board used in insulation in construction. It has become synonymous with polystyrene single-use food containers.