Our commenting system is now live.

Here’s a quick guide to using it:

*You’ll have to create a new account on our commenting platform to leave a comment. This is separate from your digital subscription account. It’s a new service so you won’t be able to login with the username and password you used to comment on the old arktimes.com site. (But in the interest of keeping all your passwords straight, creating a new account using the same log info as you had for the old site or have for digital subscription would be a good idea.)

*Create a new account by clicking the blue “Login to comment” or red “Add Comment” button at the bottom of a post. Be warned: If you use the social login option, whatever name you have associated with Google or Twitter will display when you comment. If you want to use a pseudonym, create a fresh account using your email address.


*There are no edit functions in the commenting system. We’re working on adding the ability to delete. UPDATE: It’s now live. Delete a comment by clicking on the trashcan icon.

*Old comments will soon be migrated to the new site, but they’ll only exist as a record.

*The reply arrow allows you to post a response to a comment. It creates a thread that can be minimized with the minus sign on the far right. If you hover on the minus sign, it’s described weirdly as “collapse children.” The replies to a particular comment are metaphorical children, I guess.

*The up and down arrows function similarly to like/dislike buttons.

*Still have questions? Post em below or, if you can’t do that, email arktimes AT arktimes.com.

*Also, in Sunday’s open line, at least one commenter complained about seeing old content on the homepage. If you’re still seeing old posts, hitting shift plus the refresh button on your browser will take care of the problem.