MORE POLICE ESCORTS: Detail doubled to hold down overtime.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is on a Washington conference scheduled today to talk about infrastructure.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is on the agenda for an infrastructure conference in Washington today.


A schedule indicates he will appear with Anthony Foxx, former Transportation secretary and now an executive with Lyft, and Randy Weingarten, president of the  American Federation of Teachers on a panel entitled, “Infrastructure: Building Opportunity, Breaking Down Barriers.”

I don’t see a panel on today’s program specifically pointed to what I’d identify as the critical infrastructure issue: how to pay for it.


For example: Scott will return to Little Rock Tuesday where budget cuts required of Little Rock city government seem likely to further restrict spending on maintenance of infrastructure, much less starting new projects. The latest budget proposal reduces the street fund by $500,000 to keep bus company support at the existing level.