NOT EXTREME ENOUGH? Cotton involved in judicial nomination tiff in GOP ranks. Brian Chilson

Sen. Tom Cotton got a speedy reward from Donald Trump today for defending his China tariff yesterday (and drawing wide condemnation for conflating trade policy with military service).


Some of Cotton’s 60 million Twitter followers might buy Cotton’s book about Arlington National Cemetery.

I think Cotton may have been ill-prepared when asked on CBS about tariffs. He presumably thought he was just getting a book promotion appearance. So why not use America’s fallen to defend Trump as well as sell books? I notice Cotton canceled one appearance yesterday, perhaps wishing to avoid somebody else who might change the subject. I noticed the Democrat-Gazette avoided bringing up Cotton’s straw-man use of the military to defend Chinese trade policy. Other than to repeat his quote that farmers might suffer, but it’s nothing compared to being killed or wounded in battle.


Most, too, would presumably prefer to suffer Trump in office over being killed. But that doesn’t mean anyone should shut up about it.