KARK/Fox 16
LINING UP: In Hot Springs

Scott Hardin of the Department of Finance and Administration provides an update on sales of medical marijuana at the two dispensaries open so far, both in Hot Springs.

Since Doctor’s Orders RX opened May 10 and Green Springs Medical on May 12, the two dispensaries in total have sold more than 26 pounds of medical marijuana. As of 3 p.m. today (May 14), Doctor’s Orders sold 15.77 pounds along with 10.57 pounds for Green Springs Medical. Doctor’s Orders conducted 1,280 total transactions while Green Springs Medical completed 978. A purchase of any individual strain is registered as a transaction within the state tracking software.

At roughly $400 an ounce retail, or $6,400 a pound, you’re talking more than $166,000 in sales.

Jessie Turnure of KARK reports that Doctor’s Orders, a conventional pharmacy in Jefferson County, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the similarly named but unrelated business in Hot Springs about using the name. No word yet on further developments.