UNHAPPY CUSTOMER: Posted this photo on Facebook in January 2018 after going to the spa for laser treatment she’d purchased.

The consumer protection division of the Arkansas attorney general’s office has announced a  settlement with a defunct Little Rock spa that sold memberships and other goods during the 2017 holiday season then went out of business in January 2018.

Indulgences by Body Bronze sold pedicures, facials, massage and hair removal in western Little Rock. The attorney general said the spa and owners Molly Verbrugge and Lila Riggs have resolved complaints by agreeing to pay $98,510 to 241 customers and a $100,000 civil penalty. From a release:

“Arkansans who were hurt financially by Indulgences by Body Bronze will now be made whole,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “The owners are being held accountable for soliciting and accepting prepayments from customers without regard to whether the company would be able to provide customers the goods and services they purchased.”

Made whole?


The attorney general’s release didn’t mention this sentence from the consent judgment:

The Attorney General recognizes that Defendant has sought relief in bankruptcy court and that there may be no assets available for liquidation to pay the judgment provided for herein.

The civil penalty, however, may not be discharged in bankruptcy, the settlement says.

Verbrugge and Riggs agreed to dissolve the business and agreed never to work in the spa business again.