RUTLEDGE: The attorney general has long been one of Trump's most obsequious jesters. 

A VAPING WARNING: From the attorney general.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today issued a news release on the “vicious trend of vaping.” She encouraged adults to be watchful and educate younger people about the dangers of e-cigarettes.


Where, oh where, was the attorney general during the recent legislative session when the tobacco lobby and its friends in the legislature beat back efforts to slap a big tax on vaping (currently exempt except from the general sales tax)? High taxes are a proven method of discouraging use.

Where, oh where, was the attorney general to oppose the new law that prevents cities and counties from passing laws to discourage vaping when the state legislature will not?


Nicotine is addictive, by golly. Or so says the attorney general. And steps should be taken to keep these materials away from small children, she noted in a list of helpful hints.

Waiting: for the Rutledge news release urging families to secure guns out of reach of small children. And a warning that bullets can damage your health.


Here’s the vaping news release.