Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg drew a little local attention the other day from a Boston Globe article about help from friends he’d made in Harvard, including former state Rep. Clarke Tucker, who preceded Buttigieg by a year in leadership of Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

The Globe article included a photo of Buttigieg with Tucker and friends at a Red Sox game. Which reminded me:

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Though I had no idea who he was at the time, I’d recently been reminded that I’d heard Buttigieg speak once. In Little Rock. The occasion was the rehearsal dinner for Clarke and Toni Tucker’s marriage in July 2007. He was one of a string of people who paid tribute to the couple.

Sorry, I didn’t take notes. But I asked Clarke this week if he had any photos from the occasion and he dug up one on short notice of a group of Harvard friends who attended the wedding. Mayor Pete is seated to the left of Tucker in the photo.