The Little Rock City Board will resume its budget-balancing discussion Tuesday and here’s the outline of what is being proposed for budget adjustments by City Manager Bruce Moore. The highlights:

  • REVENUE: A net increase of $184,950 is forecast from an anticipated increase in sales tax revenue thanks to a new levy on Internet sales, but offset by a loss of $234,000 in revenue from a golf course closure. Which course? Or courses? Not yet finalized, but from all appearances it’s War Memorial.
  • EXPENSES: There’s a slice of $500,000 in the general operating budget by offloading $500,000 of Rock Region Metro’s cost to the street fund (meaning that much less available for street work). There are also cuts of $19,000 to the Museum of Discovery and $25,000 to the Downtown Partnership.
  • DEPARTMENTAL EXPENSES: Some $1.3 million in cuts in departmental budgets are listed, much to be realized by not filling open positions. But real cuts are expected in parks, including golf cuts, and the Zoo, which together will shoulder about $700,000 of the cuts. The big business lobby, the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, will take a $50,000 reduction in the city’s $300,000 annual subsidy.
  • YOUTH EXPENSES: A $423,500 cut is listed in children, youth and family programs (after-school, summer and similar programs)

These changes are anticipated to balance the budget for the remainder of 2019. They do nothing for the increased police force promised by Mayor Frank Scott Jr. More important, there are no structural changes to prepare for 2020.

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The meeting is at 4 p.m. It will be followed by the normal agenda session to set items for discussion the following week.