PHONE VIDEO: Screen shot from video made by Edrick Truitt during encounter with officer.

POLICE ENCOUNTER: Screenshot of Edrick Truitt’s cell phone video of arrest.

Helena-West Helena police say they’ll be reviewing an officer’s body camera for actions with a stopped motorist who also had his cell phone running during the encounter.


The driver, Edrick Truitt, was charged with failure to comply with an officer’s orders while in his car early Sunday in the parking lot of a convenience store. The officer had his gun drawn and Truitt had his hands outside the car. He said he was afraid to comply with the order for fear he’d be shot if he put his hands back in the car. A gun was in the backseat of the car. Truitt said it was a legal weapon.

WREG in Memphis first reported the story. And it’s gotten followup national attention on Raw Story. It’s one in a growing body of illustrations of how ubiquitous cameras can affect police-citizen encounters and how they are viewed.


Truitt posted the video on Facebook.