AREA OF CONCERN: One of the flood zone maps displayed at City Board last night.

The Arkansas River crest will reach Little Rock Monday and, though it might not be record-setting, it will be a major flood stage.


Ward 3 City Director Kathy Webb posted on her Facebook page last night some maps displayed at the City Board meeting of where flooding is expected in Little Rock. Some is already evident at the closed Murray Park and Rebsamen Park golf course. The closure of Riverfront Drive is to be extended to Cottondale lane. Parts of the Riverfront Park downtown and low-lying areas east of the airport will be affected. Also noted is flooding where tributaries that normally empty into the river will back up.

Little Rock officials plan a briefing Thursday afternoon on expected flood impact.  It will be livestreamed at 2 p.m. on the city webpage. There’s a box there to click for Corps of Engineers’ flood forecasts.


Residents can call Public Works at 918-3600 about sandbags.