FROM DASH CAM: Police responding to report of armed man at shopping center. He was shot by police after reportedly firing at them,.


FROM DASH CAM: Police responding to report of an armed man at a shopping center. He was shot by police after reportedly firing at them.


Fox 16 has posted the newly released Little Rock police video of the fatal shooting April 21 of Michael St. Clair, 42, of Pine Bluff. The shooting occurred after officers responded to a call about a man who’d fired a gun at the Shackleford Crossing shopping center. Officers Ryan Stubenrauch and Chandler Taylor returned fire when St. Clair fired at them during a foot pursuit, police have said.

Police Chief Keith Humphrey narrates the video. It includes radio traffic and views from various cameras, including a cell phone video in which the owner can be heard (around the 17-minute mark) saying the suspect was shooting at officers and they’d fired back. “Oh, my God,” she says repeatedly.


The shooting itself isn’t visible. The officers aren’t wearing body cameras, but microphones pick up their orders to the gunman to put his gun down and show his hands. After the shooting, they’re heard telling him to stop moving. He apparently fell on top of his gun, which would officers approaching him warily. He died later at a hospital.

I”m seeking comment from police on the status of the police review of the shooting and the prosecuting attorney’s findings.


Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. has said it will be a policy in his administration for police to release video of “critical incidents.” That had led earlier to the preparation of a video of the shooting of Bradley Blackshire by Officer Charles Starks. Blackshire refused to stop his car when Starks was trying to question whether it was a stolen car. Starks said he felt threatened after the car struck him and fearing Blackshire had a gun, opened fire. The prosecutor found the shooting justified, as did Starks’ superior officers, but Humphrey ordered Starks fired. He’s appealing.