Screenshot from KIRO TV

The number of victims killed in a mass shooting in Virginia Beach rose to 12, with several more injured, and details are emerging about the long-time city employee who shot people randomly in a city building. The shooter also was killed by police in an extended gun battle.


The Washington Post reports he used a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun.

… the shooter was armed with a gun with an attached sound suppressor and extended magazines, enabling him to fire many rounds and engage four police officers in what the chief described as a “long-term gun battle” down building hallways.

Sound suppressors and extended magazines are sometimes targeted for bans by gun safety advocates, while the gun lobby fights limitations on them. The Arkansas legislature adopted and Gov. Asa Hutchinson this year signed a bill by Sen. Bob Ballinger to decriminalize manufacture and possession of suppressors under Arkansas law. Ballinger said he wanted to create an environment “hostile” to federal gun control in Arkansas. Federal law is stricter when it comes to suppressors, often referred to as silencers.