Rep. Andrew Collins of Little Rock has posted a Facebook report on flood-related water problems in the Riverdale area, protected by a levee but experiencing problems. It includes video footage by photojournalist Brian Emfinger of work to shore up a marina wall, temporarily blocking a canal that serves homes in the Canal Pointe development.


This is the area where units of the River Walk apartments had to be evacuated last weekend because of foundation problems.

Collins’ report yesterday:


First, some good news. The river appears to be at or near its crest in Little Rock, with generally declining levels expected from here.


Recently, some concerns have arisen regarding Riverdale. Below is an update from Little Rock emergency management via [City Director] Kathy Webb, as well as some footage of Canal Pointe by Brian Emfinger. Thanks to all the residents, volunteers, officials, engineers, and others who have pulled together during this challenging time. [The following is from the Little Rock Emergency Management Division to Webb.]

1. Riverdale Harbor Marina: On Monday 6/3, EM staff were notified by the Riverdale Levee engineering firm of an issue with marina wall at the Harbor Marina. The engineering firm noticed a separation of the retaining wall from the levee side due to static water pressure from the river. This separation was deemed critical by the levee engineering firm and Corps of Engineers technical assistance staff on hand. Emergency repairs to shore up the wall were approved by the marina. Redstone Construction hauled and placed over 200 loads of large rock to stabilize the wall. To date the wall has been stabilized and awaits permanent repair when the river levels lower.


2. The Riverwalk Apartment Complex #8: EM staff were notified on Sunday 6/2 of structural issues with Apartment Complex #8 due to a modified sinkhole in the complex parking lot. This sinkhole is a result of material being sucked into the drainage pipe by faulty joints. 18 residents were evacuated from this complex and placed in other apartments owned by the parent company. There may be issues with another apartment complex adjacent to number 8. It is also showing signs of structural issues due to its proximity to the drainage pipe, but not a severe as #8.


3. Riverdale Levee Drainage Pipe: EM staff were notified on Saturday 6/1 of issues with drainage pipe and pumps adjacent to the Riverwalk Apartment Complex. The levee engineering firm requested a pump from EM staff and technical assistance from the Corps of Engineers for this project. Both of these requests have been granted. We are waiting for lower river levels to repair the pipe and pumping system. Temporary pumps are in place to take care of river and rainwater drainage.

As you can see EM staff have been spending a lot of time in the Riverdale area. One issue of note is repeated media inquiries regarding these projects. The levee district has asked that media calls be routed to the levee board. We have no issues with this as long as calls are answered in a timely manner.


The above projects will no doubt be the largest and most expensive within the city for this disaster. EM staff will continue to work with the levee and the marina to ensure that this work is reviewed for disaster recovery grant opportunities.

Sinkholes have also been reported in the Canal Pointe residential development. It has dozens of expensive homes, many with canal frontage for boats that access the river through the canal opening currently blocked with fill.