Brian Chilson

After undercover agents documented 72 violations of state liquor laws, the Alcohol Beverage Control board voted Tuesday to revoke the liquor permit of The Paper Moon private club at 3310 Mabelvale Pike.

Three agents visited the strip club seven times between Sept. 8, 2018, and Oct. 26, 2018. During those visits, they observed dancers soliciting clients for prostitution, exposing their breasts, buttocks and vaginas, simulating sex, lap dancing, allowing clients to touch them on their genitals and touching the clients on their genitals. Agents also said employees were seen drinking, illegal drugs were allowed on the premises, liquor was sold to intoxicated persons, and an illegal bottle of alcohol was allowed on the premises.


Demetrios Kollias is the permittee.

Spokesman Scott Hardin said the club can open but may not serve alcohol unless the ABC decides to reinstate the permit upon appeal. The club has 15 days to appeal. The club may continue to operate if it does not serve alcohol.


The club was raided by the Little Rock Police Department’s vice squad in 2011 and six women were arrested on charges of prostitution or public sexual indecency. Last year, the manager was shot at while he was trying to leave the club.