The open line includes military news with an Arkansas flavor, beginning with more bellicosity from U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton.

Cotton, appearing on Face the Nation, called for a retaliatory strike on Iran for attacks on oil shipments in the Gulf of Oman. He says he’s sure Iran was behind the attacks. He also provided his usual defense of Donald Trump turning Trump’s willingness to accept foreign help in a campaign into an attack on Hillary Clinton. It’s a factually deficient talking point, in keeping with the Trump administration.

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Also on an Arkansas angle on military spending: Gov. Asa Hutchinson is at the Paris air show and is to join Lockheed Martin officials Monday with an economic development announcement. Lockheed Martin has a defense factory near Camden and it is expected, according to recent news, to share in performing the controversial sale of missiles and other equipment Trump approved for Saudia Arabian dictators.  It’s unclear if tomorrow’s news is related to that deal or new work. Manufacture of bone saws for Saudis is not believed to be part of the work in Arkansas.

Josh Mahony, a Democrat who’ll challenge Cotton in 2020, commented on Cotton’s latest: