Donald Trump last night promised to begin a nationwide sweep to deport millions of immigrants without legal permission to be in the U.S.

As even a practical logistical matter, it won’t be easy. But if he is able to cram trains, planes and buses for destinations beyond our borders, he’ll leave a country in shambles. Unfilled jobs and the money those jobs had contributed to the economy? Gone.

A 2016 survey estimated that Arkansas was home to 55,000 unauthorized immigrants. There are maybe 80,000 more legal immigrants. The Pew Research said about 6 percent of Arkansas K-12 students are children of illegal immigrants.

Trump counts on animosity toward brown and black people to lift him to re-election in 2020. His high approval rate in Arkansas suggests a significant number of people feel as he does. You do wonder if any would reconsider if 55,000 of their neighbors (accompanied by many legal children born here) suddenly vacated homes, businesses and schools.