The U.S. House voted 237-191 last night in favor of a resolution to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. A few Republicans supported the resolution, but none of the four Arkansas Republicans.

This week, Lockheed Martin announced an Arkansas taxpayer-subsidized expansion of its Camden defense plant for work that will include the missile system Donald Trump has approved for sale to Saudi Arabia, which is killing people in Yemen. The resolutions are an effort to override Trump.

There’s bipartisan support for similar resolutions in the Senate (though undoubtedly not from Sen. Tom Cotton and Republicans aren’t committed to a presidential veto override if it passes. Arms sales to the Saudis are viewed as a check on Iran by supporters. Opponents object to Saudi human rights abuses, such as the murder of a journalist, and also to the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, where the Saudis and UAE are attacking rebels backed by Iran.

In Arkansas, it’s just guns and local butter.