COLLINS AND O'DONNELL: O'Donnell posted this photo on her Facebook page several days after Collins' body was found.

LINDA COLLINS, BECKY O’DONNELL: O’Donnell posted this photo on her Facebook page several days after Collins’ body was found.

Prosecutor Henry Boyce of Newport continues to restrict release of information that led to the arrest of Becky O’Donnell in the slaying of former Sen. Linda Collins, but NEA Report today offers information about O’Donnell’s past.

The article quotes a former employer who alleges she fired O’Donnell for attempting to steal from her consignment clothing shop in Jonesboro in 2014. The article also relates comments attributed to O’Donnell’s sister that allege O’Donnell had taken money from her mother.

I can’t confirm these allegations. The statewide court information system shows only one criminal case against a Rebecca O’Donnell — capital murder, abuse of a corpse and evidence tampering in the slaying of Collins.


Investigators haven’t said how Collins was killed. Her decomposed body was found wrapped in a covering outside her home near Pocahontas June 4. O’Donnell was arrested as she drove with her fiance June 7 to a visitation for Collins at a church (not a funeral home as I originally wrote.) O’Donnell was a witness to Collins’ residency in her divorce last year from retired Judge Phil Smith. Her fiance, Tim Loggains, also was  mentioned in testimony for having Collins’ power of attorney and handling almost $500,000 in tax refunds payable jointly to Collins and Smith. Loggains, who has not been charged in the case, joined Collins in legislative gun law efforts and also campaigned for her.

O’Donnell is now being held in the Jackson County Jail, NEA Report says. She’s represented by a public defender.