Sen. Tom Cotton’s appearances on Twitter are always provocative, whether he’s sneering at poor people and Democrats or urging war on one country or another.

Last night, the Arkansas Republican Party did the provoking with this Tweet.

It’s rich to hear Tom Cotton inveigh against coastal elites. He’s a graduate of both Harvard College and the Harvard law school. He also did academic work at Claremont University in California. His work history since college includes no daily job in Arkansas (unless you count Congress) but has included work for a D.C. law firm and for the international consulting firm McKinsey. He’s married to a D.C. lawyer (she was educated undergraduate in Malibu, California and at Yeshiva’s law school in New York where, as a Federalist Society leader, she was photographed with another coastal elite name of Kenneth Starr).


They claim a Cotton family rent house in Dardanelle as an Arkansas residence, but they aren’t seen often around these parts. You can catch him regularly on the radio show of coastal conservative elite Hugh Hewitt, a Harvard man who lives in the Los Angeles suburbs.

When Tom Cotton sneers about coastal elites you could say it takes one to know one.