Fox 16’s Mitch McCoy reports on a cell phone video that shows an unidentified North Little Rock police officer throwing a 14-year-old girl to the ground on Sunday. The youth, Mary Barton, said police told her they were responding to a call from someone who claimed she was riding her bike on his property. When they arrived, she said one officer said that her bike was stolen and asked for ID. She told Fox 16 her bike wasn’t stolen and said she declined to provide ID.


In the video above, Mary’s 15-year-old brother, in green shorts, tries to come to her aid. Police push both against the car before one officer wrestles Mary to the ground.

The girl’s mother, Denise Barton, told McCoy that Mary had been cited for resisting arrest and obstruction. She said Mary went to Arkansas Children’s Hospital on Monday and has a pulled muscle in her back.


North Little Rock Police told Fox 16 that it’s initiated an internal review.

Late last month, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley filed misdemeanor battery charges against North Little Rock Officer Jon Crowder, who broke both arms of a man during an arrest last year. The city of North Little Rock paid $30,000 to the man to settle any legal claims he might make against the city or the arresting officers.


UPDATE: The NLRPD released a statement this afternoon on the incident as well as a redacted copy of the incident report.

On July 7th Officers with the North Little Rock Police Department were engaged in a subject control incident during the arrest of a juvenile in the 100 block of Lindenhurst. The initial contact began with a complaint about juveniles riding bicycles through a yard. During the course of the call for service a juvenile female was observed riding a bicycle that looked very similar in make and model to one that had been reported stolen on July 6th. The encounter resulted in officers utilizing force to affect the arrest of the juvenile. Supervisors from the North Little Rock Police Department responded
to the scene to initiate a subject control file in accordance with North Little Rock Police Department Policy.

Portions of the encounter were video recorded on cell phones by individuals in the area and were posted to social media platforms. On July 8th the videos were reviewed and resulted in the initiation of an internal investigation through the Office of Internal Affairs. The internal investigation will consist of a review of the officers’ actions and determine whether or not the actions fall within the guidelines set forth in departmental policy. The North Little Rock Police Department recognizes that this incident causes concern.

We are asking for the community’s patience during the course of this internal investigation so that our department may complete the review and gather all facts surrounding this incident.