THE ACLU WILL SUE: The group's executive director, Rita Sklar, promised.

SKLAR: A longtime force for good in the state.

Rita Sklar, the executive director of the ACLU since 1992, has retired, the ACLU of Arkansas announced today. Holly Dickson, the legal director, has been appointed interim director.


Sklar, a native of New York, has been a force for good at the legislature, lobbying for the rights of students, reproductive health care, ballot access and the rights of LGBTQ people. With Sklar at the helm, the ACLU overturned Arkansas law banning LGBTQ from adopting.

A press release quoted Sklar:


“Working for the ACLU has afforded me the chance to actually make a difference,” said Sklar.  “I’m so grateful to all of the wonderful people who have supported the organization, and who have given me the backing, encouragement, and plain ol’ muscle power to get things done for the people of Arkansas. Times are changing but the struggle goes on. I know that the ACLU of Arkansas will continue to fight the good fight.”

The ACLU will celebrate its 50th anniversary this fall. Sklar will be honored at the event.