More than 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pills were distributed across the country between 2006 and 2012, according to a bombshell report this week from the Washington Post. That includes more than 894 million pills in Arkansas.

During that same period, more than 100,000 Americans died as a result of the opioid epidemic.


The Post analyzed a newly public Drug Enforcement Administration database, which also revealed the companies that manufactured and distributed the opioids, and the pharmacies that received them. The database was released under court order, after pharmaceutical companies and the government fought to keep the information secret from public view. The numbers are staggering — a spreadsheet of corporate profits and human suffering.

The drug dealers that profited wildly in Arkansas include a familiar list of corporate behemoths: McKesson, Purdue Pharma, Walmart, AmerisourceBergen, Actavis. Here are the top five manufacturers and distributors of opioids in the state between 2006 and 2012:



Here are the five pharmacies in the state that received the most pills during that time:


The Washington Post’s report also allows you to look up county-level data.