FAQ: This is “the flesh of a domesticated swine that is edible by humans,” right?

Vox has more on the state’s “truth in labeling” law that bans companies selling plant-based meat alternatives from using words like “burger” to refer to anything other than “the flesh of a domesticated bovine,” etc.


As we noted yesterday, Tofurky, represented by the ACLU, has filed a federal lawsuit in Little Rock’s U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas challenging the law on First Amendment and due process grounds.

The law laughably claims to “protect consumers from being misled or confused by false or misleading labeling of agricultural products that are edible by humans.” Yes, those veggie burgers and tofu dogs, confusing indeed. We need the bureaucrats to help us!


From Vox, here’s Tofurky’s CEO Jaime Athos weighing in:

I asked Jaime Athos, CEO of Tofurky — which is suing Arkansas over the new law — if this was a common consumer complaint, and he confirmed it was unheard of. “We’ve never gotten a complaint like that,” Athos told me. …


“Plant-based eating trends are really blowing up now, with exponential growth,” Athos told me. “We have this great moment of innovation in our industry where these products are better than ever. They’re more widely available too. And suddenly people are worried consumers might be confused. The reality is that this is a proactive decision on the parts of consumers — they understand that plant-based products are healthier for them and healthier for the environment.”