A football stuffed with drugs and cellphones was tossed over the fence at the Grimes Unit of the ADC.

A football tossed over the fence at the Grimes Unit of the Arkansas Department of Correction in Newport was received by the correctional officers there, the ADC reports on its Facebook page. Inside the ball: two kinds of drugs and cellphones. From the Facebook page:

Fighting contraband is a non-stop battle. It goes on every day at every facility. These pictures are from the Grimes Unit where somebody tossed a football over the fence. Alert correctional officers didn’t fall for the fake. They cut open the football. And hidden inside….cell phones and two kinds of drugs. None of it made it to the inmate population. Contraband is dangerous. It can get people hurt or or worse. To the officers at Grimes…great work and stay vigilant!!!

The post on the incomplete pass comes on the heels of a post July 24 showing a young man being cuffed at the Cummins Unit. The ADC said he was trying to smuggle marijuana and pills into the prison. He was taken to the Lincoln County Jail, and was to be charged with felonies. The ADC warned: “Remember … It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re a visitor, a vendor or an employee, when you’re caught smuggling, you’re getting cuffed and you’re going to jail.”