'THE CITY IS TRYING TO RUIN THIS MAN'S CAREER:' Robert Newcomb, attorney for Charles Starks, says his client should not have been terminated from the LRPD. Brian Chilson
Brian Chilson
SURGERY FOR NEWCOMB:  Robert Newcomb, attorney for former LRPD officer Charles Starks, is having surgery on Tuesday for a broken wrist sustained in a fall down the stairs at City Hall during Starks’ appeal hearing on Thursday.

After a fall down the marble stairs at City Hall on Thursday, Robert Newcomb, attorney for former Little Rock Police Department officer Charles Starks, is having surgery for a broken wrist on Tuesday.

Starks was fired from the LRPD in May after he shot and killed Bradley Blackshire, 30, during a “felony stop” on Feb. 22. Starks’ appeal of his termination began with an eight-hour hearing with the Civil Service Commission on Thursday, but it was interrupted by Newcomb’s fall. A representative from Newcomb’s office said the attorney’s doctor told him it could take “up to week” after the surgery before his wrist starts feeling better, so the continuation of Starks’ hearing remains delayed indefinitely.


“It will all depend on Mr. Newcomb’s recovery,” the representative said.