Asa Hutchinson BRIAN CHILSON

Governor Hutchinson, in an interview with independent journalist Steve Brawner published yesterday, said he won’t run for Senate at the end of his gubernatorial tenure in 2022, but might consider a bid for the presidency.

Brawner was following up on something Hutchinson told journalist Roby Brock in March: The governor said he “wouldn’t count me out” of politics at the end of his term-limited office.


Sen. John Boozman is considering running again, he told Brawner, and Hutchinson said he would not run against Boozman. So what about running for president?

“You know, if there was the right opportunity and need there, that option is on the table, but again, you don’t see that in the short term, but we’ll see what happens down the road,” he said.

So a presidential run is “on the table.” Hutchinson would be 74 by 2024 and would turn 75 before taking office, but he is in great shape. Meanwhile, Trump is 73 and is running for re-election. Among Democrats, Joe Biden is 76, and Sen. Bernie Sanders is 77.