The president’s reputation as a deadbeat precedes him as he makes his visit today to El Paso: His campaign has yet to pay more than half a million dollars in expenses incurred from a February campaign rally there.

According to the Texas Tribune, the president has not paid his outstanding bill of $569,204.63 for police and public safety services the city rendered the campaign.


“The city staff have followed the process and procedures as it relates to any invoicing that we provide, and we will continue to do so accordingly as per city and state policies,” [communications director Laura] Cruz-Acosta said. She said that Trump owed an initial fee of $470,417.05 but that the city tacked on a 21% one-time late fee in June — 30 days after the campaign failed to pay the initial amount owed. …

“Our resources are really strained right now,” said Alexsandra Annello, a member of the El Paso City Council. “Our police and fire are exhausted, our health department had for three days straight been working with the reunification of families. As you see from the bill, these are the services required for a presidential visit. In addition to financial costs, our community and resources are already strained and do not need this extra burden.”

The Trump campaign has not responded to the paper’s request for comment.

Besides his debt, of course, there is a more serious reason why people in El Paso would rather Trump not show his face in a town where an anti-immigrant gunman fueled by hate of the “Hispanic invasion of Texas” killed 22 people Saturday: His inflammatory rhetoric about people crossing our southern border — “criminals, drug dealers, rapists.”


Who would swallow his assertion yesterday that his anti-immigrant language “brings people together”? Too many, I fear. 

There are likely those in El Paso who are also offended at the president’s Tweet on Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Beto O’Rourke, who Trump chose to attack just hours before his visit to Beto’s hometown. Trump said “Beto” was a “phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage,” a charge against O’Rourke made by another awful character as well: Sen. Ted Cruz. It’s a lie. No surprise there.


Meanwhile, the Baby Trump blimp greeted the president in Dayton, Ohio, this morning.