Since yesterday, Matt Campbell has been hammering state Democratic Party chair Michael John Gray on his Blue Hog Report for what he calls “leadership failures,” including mistakes on party finance reports, Gray’s campaign finance reports, deficits, employee payments and other criticisms that fall on the salacious side.

Campbell filed a complaint the Arkansas Ethics Committee today that alleges Gray has violated state election law by not filing with the Secretary of State’s office his 10-day pre-election campaign contribution and expenditure report nor the final report. He also alleges that Gray failed to report loans made to his campaign.


In a telephone interview this afternoon, Gray said he has not received notice of a complaint filing from the commission. (The commission is not allowed to inform outside parties of complaints.) Responding to the Blue Hog Report, Gray also said that he believes Campbell is incorrect in his reading of the reports of his unsuccessful bid for re-election in 2018, but that if he made errors he would fix them.

Gray also said most of the issues raised on Blue Hog about problems with party finance reports “have been addressed in previous state committee meetings,” and that the stem from his predecessor’s time in office.


He said there were “a few I’m looking deeper into that I don’t think rise to any level of concern,” but that he had asked the party’s local and federal counsel to review the allegations. He’s called a special meeting of the state committee on Aug. 17 “to address all questions and claims about the financial integrity of our State Party.”