Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has joined many others in objecting to the Trump administration plan to curb immigration by preventing legal entrants from receiving federal assistance.

The Trump administration is moving forward with its effort to radically change the federal policy under which immigrants are deemed a “public charge.” Unless the rule change is defeated in a legal challenge, we can expect millions of children to lose out on the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Tens of thousands of those children – most of whom are actually U.S. citizens – live here in Arkansas.

Legal experts contend the rule change is unconstitional — it denies equal protection of the law to this class of people, a constitutional protection afforded all in the U.S., citizen or not. Many states, not those led by Republicans, are threatening to sue.

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There’s more here from Arkansas Advocates on a cruel policy that is transparently intended to curb immigration and leave the door only to a wealtheir and white class of new Americans. It shouldn’t surprise you that U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, whose cruelty knows few founds, has already declared support for the change in policy.