HUTCHINSON: Pleads guilty. Brian Chilson

A morning thought:

Who didn’t know about the vast web of corrupt activities in which Gov. Asa Hutchinson‘s nephew, once-Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, was involved? Not to mention numerous other legislators, lobbyists and camp followers? Hell, he even disclosed some of the clients for whom he carried legislation or did other services in return for “retainers.” An orthodontist, a Medicaid health service provider, a mattress company, a gambling machine maker, a class action law firm. These were just some of the sources of Hutchinson’s high life. Alas, like Al Capone, a failure to remit to the tax man helped bring about his downfall.


Think about it.

I keep being told more indictments are expected. The question is whether the prosecutions have a deterrent value. The Nick Wilson case seemed only to encourage, rather than discourage, boodling in Arkansas’s Republican era.


UPDATE: my tweet on this item drew several responses from former Rep. Nate Bell about these and other bits of suspect Hutchinson work, one called out by Bell on the floor.  For once, Bell says, I’m right about something. Sign me,

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