Christine Zenino

The U.S. is now a world laughing stock for Donald Trump‘s idea to buy Greenland and Denmark’s curt response to the absurd idea that it wasn’t for sale. New angle: Blame the laff riot on none other than U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (Sand Lizard-AR).

The item comes from Politico’s Playbook and is credited to Eliana Johnson, who covers the White House for Politico.

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Cotton joined a friendly in the news business at a paid lunch in Little Rock today. No word yet if Greenland came up. Wonder if Cotton agrees with calling the prime minister of Denmark “nasty,” as Trump did, for calling out the absurdity of the idea. Trump has continued his attack on Denmark, complaining that it doesn’t pay enough to NATO.

UPDATE: At the LR event Cotton confirmed his advocacy of the idea, a no-brainer, he said. No kidding when the other side has no interest you’d have to be a few bricks shy to propose it.