Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of the former governor and more recently the designated lie-repeater for Donald Trump, is joining Fox News as a contributor. Variety reports here.

This will mean lots of paid airtime for Sanders on the wingnut channel of choice at a propitious time, ahead of a possible run for governor of Arkansas in 2020.


She’ll be on Fox and Friends, teleprompter for her recent boss’ Twitter feed, on Sept. 6. The Fox news release here.

Media Matters for America noted that Sanders has appeared on Fox News 67 times since August 2007 versus six times on CNN and never on MSNBC.


Scathing commentary from Washington Post media critic in article headlined ‘Fox News rewards liar Sarah Sanders with contributor contract’

The move makes clear that Fox News is bothered not at all by its incestuous relationship with Trump world. Sanders, Raj Shah, Hope Hicks, Thomas Homan, Bill Shine, Heather Nauert, Sebastian Gorka, John Bolton, Morgan Ortagus — among others — have all worked for Fox News or its parent company as well as for the Trump administration.

The inked deal merely extends a pipeline that was rushing during Sanders’s time at the White House: According to Media Matters, Sanders appeared on Fox News 67 times from August 2017 until her departure, versus six on CNN and zero on MSNBC.

For her debut at Fox News, Sanders will appear on the Sept. 6 edition of “Fox & Friends.” In other words, she’ll still be briefing the president on a regular basis.