Politico and, here, Talking Points Memo, have given a national platform to a PAC formed by Arkansan Jarrad Shelton of Nashville to urge people to support a movement to draft Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for Arkansas governor in 2022.

Who’s Shelton? Find him here on Facebook, where more guns in school have been a recent concern. He apparently has written a book explaining how the Democratic Party is the party of racism. He has a Twitter account with 26 followers. Perhaps more will now join. Reported TPM:


“I am so proud of the job Sarah did in the White House,” he wrote in an email obtained by Politico. “She is a hero my daughters can look up to and is a fantastic representative of the great state of Arkansas. She possesses the strength, dignity, and grace under pressure that is missing from so many leaders today; I want to work to show Sarah that Arkansas and America love her, respect her and want her to continue being involved as a leader in this country.”