Republican Rep. Steve Womack, not known for his diplomacy in the best of circumstances, stepped in it at a town hall in Rogers last night. He was unapologetic, of course.

He met a lot of constituents unhappy with his stand on immigration, the environment and other issues, but drew sharp blowback when he seemed to link gun violence to single-parent homes.

Some single mothers in the crowd took offense and a video of the exchange was circulated nationwide by Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms Demand gun safety organization, who sent the message to almost 400,000 Twitter followers.

More coverage of the meeting here from NWA Democrat-Gazette.


Womack had supporters in the crowd. Listen to video and you’ll hear a Trumpian response to criticism of Womack: “If you don’t like America, move the hell out.”

Celeste Williams, a Bella Vista nurse practitioner, has announced as a Democrat to oppose Womack in the heavily Republican district.