Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a potential candidate for Arkansas governor in 2022, isn’t limiting her money-scoring efforts to appearances on Fox News.

Politico reports that the former liarperson for Donald Trump has been in talks with a consulting firm, Teneo, founded by former Clinton aides.


Sanders would serve as an independent contractor and would not be employed by Teneo, these people said.


But she would act as a potentially valuable informal liaison who has maintained strong relationships with White House aides and other administration officials.


“They’ve got to walk into the room with someone who knows the White House,” said one of the people familiar with the arrangement. “They need someone to explain how the Trump thing operates.”

Explain the “Trump thing”? Good luck.

Thanks to a reader for pointing me to Slate, which gets at the nut of this report:


..Sanders is looking for work—and not, as you might expect given the above [a recitation of her White House performance], at an Ozarks-based firm that makes coal, guns, and naked-lady mudflaps, but with the management consulting company Teneo.



• Was co-founded by Doug Band, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton and once employed Clinton as an adviser.

• Once employed top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

• Was accused by Chelsea Clinton herself of improper attempts to sell influence via the Clinton Foundation.

• Is owned abroad and works primarily with multinational corporate clients like Dow Chemical, Coca-Cola, and General Electric.

• Is loaded up with revolving-door D.C. establishment swamp figures like Band, former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Harvey Pitt, and former Sen. George Mitchell.

• Has its headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City.

It’s heartening to know that while the rest of America tears itself apart over political, ethical, and moral differences, the transnational corporate consulting business holds onto its belief in the power, or usefulness, of coming together in bipartisan fashion to give Coca-Cola “strategic advice” for $1,000 an hour. And if someone like Sanders, whose demeanor at the White House podium was so bitter and tribalistic, can see a world where people with opposing records can work together, for money, until such time as it becomes necessary to deliver resentful stump speeches about “real Americans” to all-white crowds in Fayetteville, then is there possibly hope for the rest of us?

Potential 2022 opponent Tim Griffin perhaps could make some hay out of this, but he has his own shadowy “consulting” business to answer for.