Lots of talk and nervousness today about the non-specific, unsupported and widely circulated notice of potential for a school shooting somewhere in Arkansas today.

As the school day nears an end, no shootings have been reported. But there have been many absences.


And, around the state, well ….

From 40/29:

  • At Paris High School, two students were taken to the police for writing a threat on a bathroom wall.
  • In Springdale, a student was taken into custody after a BB gun was found.
  • In Gravette earlier this week, a student was “apprehended” on suspicion of making a threat toward a school.

Also, the Jonesboro School District said a student in its SUCCESS Achievement Academy (an alternative school for those who have trouble in a regular school setting) had said, “I am the school shooter.” He was detained and searched (no weapon was found) and dismissed from school.

Also, the Blytheville School District said on its Facebook page:


It has come to our attention that an individual has posted information on social media concerning our schools.


All school campuses in Blytheville are safe and secure.

Good blog post from KTHV’s Dawn Scott on why she sent her kids to school today.