The Little Rock Civil Service Commission has resumed its hearing for Charles Starks’ appeal of his firing by the police chief for his fatal shooting of Bradley Blackshire during a traffic stop in February.

Rebekah Hall will be reporting. Brian Chilson, our photographer, reports that early questioning elicited more testimony that police were under pressure from Mayor Frank Scott Jr. to act quickly on the case. Earlier testimony has been that Chief Keith Humphrey, recently hired by Scott, fired Starks despite the finding by multiple other police officers that Starks had been justified in shooting Blackshire. Blackshire, driving a car that had been reported stolen, drove his car slowly in Starks direction, reportedly bumping his leg.

Questioning today touched on Starks’ move in front of the moving car and his repeated firing into the windshield. Departmental policy, an officer testified, is that officers are not to move in front of vehicles.

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley has declined charges against Starks. The hearing was recessed in July after Starks’ attorney, Robert Newcomb, injured himself in a fall at City Hall.