Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has lined up with the NRA to protect Remington Arms from legal liability in use of its gun to kill school children in Connecticut.

Of course she did.

The Associated Press reports Arkansas is among 10 Republican-led states, 22 Republican members of Congress and the NRA in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a Connecticut state court ruling that allowed a lawsuit against Remington over use of its Bushmaster AR-15 in the slaughter of Sandy Hook first-graders.  A 2005 federal law shields gunmakers from liability in most cases, but contains some exceptions. The lawsuit in Connecticut argued in state court that the gun was too dangerous to be sold and that it was marketed to younger males who were influenced by violent video games.

The brief Rutledge joins (but not Gov. Asa Hutchinson) says the Connecticut state court interpreted a narrow exemption too broadly.