Sarah Huckabee Sanders is playing the victim card in her rollout as Fox News contributor and future memoirist.

Here’s a report. First, from a debut appearance on Fox and Friends this morning:

“I am only the third woman and the first mom to ever be the White House press secretary, and yet women attack me relentlessly, instead of, you know, being proud that we have more women doing those types of jobs.”


“Usually what they’re looking for is a reaction. So I always find it’s best to nod, smile and say, ‘Thank you for your time,’ and walk on,” she said, “because I don’t want to engage in a fight.”

And there’s more.


In further comments on Friday morning about the personal attacks on her since she’s left the White House, Sanders said, “You know, it usually depends on where I am in the country. Back home in Arkansas, things have so far been pretty easy and very welcoming … I haven’t been asked to leave any restaurant, thankfully, but every once in a while you always, you know, you have somebody who comes up to say something nasty to you. What I always find interesting is [that] 99 percent of the people that come over to say something negative and to attack you are women. And I find that very startling from — you know — a group of people that claim to be the champions of women empowerment.”

Sanders is advocating the opposite of women empowerment. She should get special treatment from other women because she’s a woman?

Supporting, defending and lying for Donald Trump doesn’t entitle anyone to a free pass — gender, religion, planet of origin, skin tone or sexual orientation notwithstanding.