Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

Attorneys general from 48 states, including Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas, are announcing today an anti-trust investigation of Google and others in the tech industry. From the Washington Post:

The states seek to probe allegations that the tech industry stifles start-ups, delivers pricier or worse service for Web users, and siphons too much personal information, enriching their record-breaking revenue at the cost of consumer privacy.


“The growth of these [tech] companies has outpaced our ability to regulate them in a way that enhances competition,” said Keith Ellison, a Democratic attorney general from Minnesota who is signing on to the effort to probe Google.

“They need to be regulated,” he continued, “and my view is, it’s the state AGs job to do it, particularly when the federal government is not necessarily a reliable partner in the area.”

Keith Ellison and Leslie Rutledge on the same side? That’s news. Rutledge is on hand in D.C. for the photo opp outside the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a news release after the press conference, Rutledge said 50 attorneys general would “collaborate” with federal authorities to investigate Google’s “overarching control of online advertising markets and search traffic that may constitute anticompetitive behavior that harms Arkansas consumers.”