Jake Sandlin reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today on Terry Hartwick’s campaign to be elected North Little Rock mayor next year.

Mayor Joe Smith hasn’t announced his plans, but he’s expected to retire, perhaps following in Mike Huckabee’s footsteps to a beach in Florida. For now, former Mayor Hartwick, the city’s parks and rec director, says he’s just exploring. Even if a Facebook page looks (see photo above) more definitive.

Add one more name to pre-season prognostication for the next mayor’s race: That would be another candidacy by Tracy Steele, defeated by Smith in a runoff for the office in 2012. He’s a former senator, current president of the North Little Rock School Board and, thanks to his endorsement of Asa Hutchinson, holder of a $112,000 state patronage job as head of the state health permits agency.