UNHAPPY: Democratic Rep. Deb Butler let Republicans have it after their sneaky unannounced vote on the North Carolina budget.

Republicans barely held onto a U.S. House district in North Carolina in a special election Tuesday (50.8 percent for the winner in a heavily Republican district where Republican fraud required the calling of a new election), but you wonder if a few votes might have been moved by Republican antics in the North Carolina House today.

Republican leaders lied to Democrats, saying there’d be no vote related to the state budget. With most Democrats gone, a vote was held, with only about half the House present. One Democrat who was there later blasted the  Republicans for their smirking and laughing at the deceitful trick.

Republicans have gerrymandered the state so badly courts have ordered redistricting. Republicans are blocking the governor’s budget particularly because he wants to expand Medicaid coverage for working poor in his state.


You wonder how that congressional race might have turned out have Republicans in North Carolina not been successful with vote suppression legislation targeting minorities, the poor and college students.

And you also have to wonder if Donald Trump encourages this kind of behavior in his party.