TBEC Review

The Trump administration is preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes through an FDA guidance that would remove all but tobacco-related e-cigarettes from the market.

The move is a response to a huge increase in vaping by young people and some unexplained deaths thought related to the product.


Happily for the tobacco lobby, which won the recent Arkansas legislative session under cover of a UAMS cancer research bill, there’ll be no cessation of peddling the base product. To recap the cancer industry’s successful 2019 legislative session: All vaping taxes were defeated; health and safety rules for vaping retailers were repealed; there was a phase-in rather than an immediate jump to an increase to 21 in the legal age to buy tobacco products, and local governments were prohibited from enacting vaping regulations. Pretty good session for Juul, Altria and the rest. That effort showed in a hearing this week with disputatious questions from efforts by Sen. Missy Irvin and others to push for a study of the harm of vaping and revenues (virtually non-existent) produced by sales of the product.  Sen. Trent Garner particularly came armed with industry talking points disputing causes of lung problems and defending the use of e-cigarettes to move people off regular cigarettes.

UPDATE: The Arkansas Health Department says it is investigating eight cases potentially related to vaping.