The Atlantic has produced a 25-minute documentary on the well-thrashed campaign of a progressive Republican. Robb Ryerse, against Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Womack last year.

From the YouTube summary:

“I’m running as a Republican because I am a Republican,” says Robb Ryerse in the short documentary True Believer. Confusion, though, is understandable—Ryerse, who ran for the Republican House seat in Arkansas’s Third Congressional District last year, isn’t his party’s boilerplate candidate. His beliefs could be perceived as dichotomous: He’s an evangelical Christian who supports gay rights. He believes in small government, but is an advocate of Medicare for All. He’s anti-abortion, but pro–tax reform and green energy. He is, in short, a progressive Republican.

May his number increase. But there’s a ways to go. Ryerse got 8,988 votes, Womack 47,757.