DENISE GARNER: Legislative Council won’t endorse her ideas for gun safety studies.

The Arkansas Democratic Party notes that the Arkansas Legislative Council refused on voice votes today to even study the potential value of a couple of modest gun-safety measures.


The Republican-dominated panel rejected ideas by Rep. Denise Garner to study the value of requiring background checks for private-party gun sales and to study requiring use of restraint holsters by those carrying legal concealed weapons to see if that might improve safety for both the gun owner and public.  Universal background checks enjoy broad public support, but the idea is stymied in the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate and, now, generally in Arkansas.

From the party news release:


“I think all of us are asking questions about what we as a society need to do to tackle the problem of mass shootings and gun-related violence in our country. For a handful of state legislators to deny Arkansans the ability to even simply study the issue is unacceptable,” said state Rep. Denise Garner. “I am a gun owner and want to find a way forward on these issues. This is about preserving the Second Amendment and making our families and communities safer. All of our constituents expect us to do something to stop gun violence. Why we cannot even study the issue objectively is beyond me and quite frankly unacceptable as elected officials.”