Regulation of the growing short-term rental business, as mentioned in the previous blog item, is one thing. But the continuing lack of a decent tenant law in Arkansas is a much bigger problem.

Fact is, regulators are far more likely to go after the odd homeowner trying to make a few bucks than the commercial rental industry, with its powerful lobby. The lobby’s campaign contributions help keep many tenants statewide with little recourse except to leave.


For example: a news release from Arkansas Renters United about a protest demonstration today in Little Rock and allegations being made by tenants:

Residents of Spanish Valley Apartments located at 5300 Baseline Road in Little Rock will rally this coming Sunday, September 22 at 2:30 pm in front of the complex to demand long overdue repairs and major changes in the way management treats tenants.  The complex is owned by AMG Realty, a company headquartered in Skokie, Illinois.  AMG owns several complexes in Pulaski County (see attached).

The residents’ complaints have a familiar ring: Allegations of plumbing and wiring problems; mold and pests; poor treatment by management, and intrusive maintenance workers.


The news release notes, again, that Arkansas is the ONLY state without an implied warranty of habitability for rental property. The legislature again refused such a law last session, with landlord legislators complaining it might cost them money. The city of Little Rock recently scaled back its rental inspection program.